Testimonials from our Members

David Savidge
““Who we are: Allen Mills Howard & Co Accountants provide their clients with a first-class service – Their services help their business clients achieve greater profitability, and their individual clients to enjoy greater wealth. Me, My Business and BNI: I joined BNI to generate more fees,   I had been to networking events which never worked but I could see straight away how BNI could work for me. 16 years in BNI: The reason I have stayed in BNI for 16 years is simple, it brings new business into the practice each year and I continue to meet new contacts that I can help and who can help me. I have made many trusted contacts over the years and some lifelong friends.  I would say to anyone considering visiting BNI, “Open your mind and just do it” it could be one the best investments of time you ever make.  Dave's Favourite Quote(s): “Treat clients as you would like to be treated if it was your business””
Ink Squid
Who we are: The Ink Squid has our own brand of inkjet and toner cartridges which we retail primarily on-line via a number of different websites. We ship in directly from the manufacturer and are therefore rarely beaten on price, with cartridges from as little as £1 each including delivery. Me, My Business and BNI: At first I joined purely for introductions to new clients. However, over the 4 years I have gained so much more from my membership that I look at the invoiced business as a bonus. My personal development and the relationships I have made are of far greater value to me now with the business (which is in the tens of thousands of pounds a year) very much secondary. Why I like BNI: Presenting - I have been a Chapter Director and I am currently our Membership Coordinator. I love the challenge of speaking to a group of people - it keeps me on my toes and gives me a real challenge every week. Adrian’s Favourite Quote(s): “Spontaneity takes a long time to prepare” & “A good reputation arrives on foot but leaves on horseback””
SCM Roofing
Who we are: SCM Rooftech are a commercial roofing and cladding Contractor covering the North of England. We offering free and honest quotes, also the fact that we have our own Aerial Access Platforms means we can be more flexible and reliable instead relying on other people. Me, My Business and BNI: Since joining BNI we have built up good strong relationships with members and their contacts and as a result have brought in some of biggest clients with the standout one being a referral from a visitor which in turn led to a £700,000 job. My business skill have benefited greatly by giving me the ability to speak passionately about my company, helped me become a better networker and given me focus in finding key strategic clients. Why I like BNI: The new people I get to meet, as well as getting to know existing members better every time you have a 1-2-1 you seem to find something new. Gavin’s Favourite Quote “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs””
Off Piste
Who we are: Off Piste helps businesses generate more sales and enquiries via the internet. What we do: We increase turnover and profit through carefully constructed online marketing campaigns, with a friendly approach, no jargon and specific goals for each individual business. Me, My Business and I: BNI was a no brainer for me. I joined in August 2013, having only just started up my business in the April. My Dad was a BNI when he introduced me to an online marketing company where I worked for over 3 years. So really, if it wasn’t for BNI, I might not be doing what I’m doing now at all. Why I Like BNI: As a one-man, new start up business, it has given me the opportunity to mix with other professionals, with great businesses and it is their support I value most. I am an Ambassador and Director consultant and from this I have picked up my largest referral worth over £25,000. Matt’s favourite quote(s): “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday” “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion””
Michael Sewell
Who we are: Michael Sewell Photography winner of The Food Photography Awards 2015 provide quality & creative images to commercial, corporate and wedding sectors, including household names such as Getty Images, BMW, The Marriott and MacDonald Hotel groups. What we do: Our images increase traffic to clients websites and retain visitors longer and this has a direct impact on increased sales Me, My Business and BNI: Myself and my wife are both in different BNI groups representing our business, which has flourished by introducing us to clients we would have never otherwise had the opportunity to work with. More than that it has been, and continues to be, a personal & professional development journey for me. Why I like BNI: The slow psychological adjustment towards effective marketing using chapter members. Michael’s Favourite Quote: “Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” Anne’s Favourite Quote: “Your future hasn't been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is what you make it””
Liquid Lens
Who we are: Liquid Lens is a video marketing company who creates great videos for our clients but we also show them how to use these videos generate more leads and ultimately more sales. Me, My Business and BNI: Being a member has been great not only for my own personal development, the thought of standing up talking to 40 people would have scared me to death before joining! But having professional businesses on hand to ask questions and seek advice has been invaluable. Why I like BNI: Where else can you get 40+ businesses people all trying to help each other out every week? Darren’s Favourite Quote “Treat people the way you would want to be treated””
Who we are: Physiofusion provides physiotherapy and wellbeing services from our 6 clinics across Lancashire and North Yorkshire. What we do: We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our clients from the moment they first call and ask us for advice, right the way through to their recovery and how we can help to prevent similar injuries happening in the future. Me, My business and BNI: Joining BNI has helped us meet the right people who run their own businesses or have an influence in the company that they work for. Personally, BNI has helped my own networking, public speaking and presentation skills and I can now confidently walk in to a room and speak to people who I don’t know. Why I like BNI: Honestly, It’s the structure, even though it is quite formal the meetings are still fun and there isn’t a shortage of laughter. Oh, and the breakfast too. Andrew’s Favourite Quote “Keep on, Keeping on””
Who we are: Sheards are a small firm of accountants in Huddersfield and offer a fixed fee service on monthly payments with free accounting software to enable our business clients to manage their business. Me, My Business and BNI: I have been in business for 30 years at Sheards, and thought I knew a lot! However in the last 3.5 years as a BNI member I have grown in personal confidence, ability to network, general business knowledge and grown my contacts in and outside of BNI. The business I get from BNI makes it my best client, and as we look after our clients, new clients tend to stay with us for years Why I like BNI: The camaraderie and fun we manage to have at silly o’clock on a morning. Carolyn’s Favourite Quote “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got””
Who we are: Equilibrium Risk is a B2B solution provider in all areas of business security. What we do: In today's world, where a business is constantly under attack, we help businesses stay safe. We bring Physical Security, Information Security and Personal Security together to give added peace of mind to a business. Me, My Business & BNI: BNI has been great for business, we started trading in early 2015 and we’ve been able to grow our business steadily, averaging a new client every month. Security requires trust, and a BNI referral goes some way to earning that trust with a prospective client. Why I Like BNI: Without doubt, the favourite part of BNI are the 121s. Everyone in our Chapter is always willing to sit down and learn about our business, and we theirs. With a business service as comprehensive as ours, it is ideal. Luke’s Favourite Quote “Second to None””
Ravenhall Group
Who we are: Ravenhall Group are a Chartered Independent Insurance Brokers, specialising in providing advice led bespoke insurance solutions. Me, My Business and BNI: BNI allowed our business to grow, & expanded our network. Referral business is great for us because it allows us to compete on all facets of insurance, such as cover and service, not just price. Why I Like BNI: Working with people to develop credibility and trust with each other. It means that we have people working in our best interests but also that we have a great support network of trusted advisors, I only hope that we are part of our BNI colleagues trusted network in reciprocation. Neil’s Favourite Quote “Beware of thinkers whose minds function only when they are fuelled by a quotation””
Apprentice Finder
Who are we: The Apprentice Finder matches school & college leavers to employers to create apprenticeship opportunities which provide an alternative entry to careers to university, which means no graduate debt! Me, My Business and BNI: Joining BNI has helped with great introductions to employers, candidates & schools. I have also developed a range of skills that have helped enhance my business; presentation skills in particular. Why I like BNI: Passing referrals to other members. I get a great sense of pride in knowing I'm helping others grow their businesses. Adrian’s favourite Quote: “Success only comes before work in the dictionary.””
CB Partners
Who we are: CB Partners are a business support organisation that helps companies achieve their growth aspirations through business mentoring, coaching and training. What we do: We work on fully funded programmes which means there is no cost to your business. Me, My Business and BNI: BNI has given me the opportunity to be more exposed to businesses in the Lancashire area that are serious about business growth. And I am so proud of becoming Chapter Director after only being a member for a few months, didn’t expect that! Why I like BNI: The members! It is great to go to so many events or meetings and always see someone you know. Jaydee’s Favourite Quote: “Everything happens for a reason, you just don’t know what it is at the time”  ”
Social Progress
Who we are: Social Progress are specialists in Social Media & Digital Marketing. Janet was also named as one of Enterprise Nations Top 50 Business Advisors. What we do: We ensure YOU are amazing & SHINE online and we are truly Passionate about everything we do. Me, My Business and BNI: We all join for the money initially and in the first year of joining BNI I received 84 referrals. It paid for my membership at least 7 times over but it's the relationships you develop and friends you make. It's the advice you gain from other members and it's the self development you have access to through BNI training. Janet’s Favourite quote - "If it's to be, it's up to me"”
Signature Design & Build
Who we are: Signature Design & Build Ltd is a Property Refurbishment company, specialising in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, and open plan living space. What we do: We create the perfect living space for our clients. We ensure we project managing the job from start to finish, and keeping the customer informed at all times on progress.  Utilising the strong team from BNI we can provide the solution to all aspects of any job we undertake. Me, My Business and BNI: BNI has benefitted my business as it enables me to actually work ON the business for a dedicated time per week with focus. Why I like BNI: Hands down it’s the camaraderie & the friendships gained as a result of a strong business ethic shared by everyone in my group. The wealth of knowledge that the members share amongst each other. David’s Favourite Quote: Those who whisper down the wishing well may never be heard. Those who shout from the tree tops will always be heard.”
St James Place
Who are we: St. James’s Place provides security for my clients, their family and business and I help grow and protect their wealth, leading to greater financial freedom. Me, My Business & BNI: The referral and relationship building have been skills which I've transferred into my own business. The invaluable support and help, got me to the point where I felt confident enough to set up my own business. A decision I’ve never regretted. Why I like BNI: The size of the network you get access to, you can connect on any BNI member, locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Pete’s Favourite Quote: “The mind is everything, what you think, you become””
Avon Electrical
Who are we: Avon Electrical are an electrical contractors based in Burnley but work throughout the North West and as a company we believe in Constant and Never Ending Improvement. What we do: We pride ourselves on the ability to offer free Energy Saving Lighting Surveys to our customers after which we can advise on the best way to make substantial savings on their industrial and commercial lighting bills. Me, My Business & BNI: It took me a while to find a Chapter with a space for an Electrical Contractor but I’m glad we persisted! We have already tested a large factory as a direct referral from BNI and have access to a network of contacts I would never have met without BNI! Why I like BNI: Much to my surprise I really enjoy the presenting side of BNI! My first 10 minutes was a nerve wracking experience but now I love it. Gareth’s Favourite Quote: “Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve””

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